Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break

Some call him a distraction, she calls him hope…

Their paths crossed like any ordinary young souls would; at an event like any other with no particular intent of acquiring intimacy.

Perfection would be one of his best attributes, yet his young mind does not see it yet, so humble she can’t help but blush at its sight. He reckons she is the best thing that has happened to him, naive to the crashed soul she hides within.

Wanting to be her rock, her shoulder to cry on, her shield; she refuses to open up to him afraid to shatter him like she has done before. They are not the same on many levels yet carry the same heart.

Could this be the break she finally deserves?

Some think he’s below her standard, she thinks he’s perfect…

Like two adolescents, they long to spend each day of their not so busy afternoons together, listening to each other’s heart beats to the tempo of their chemistry.

Confused he sometimes display, steering up despair in her heart, wondering if he would ever grasp the reality of life. He seeks her to unleash all emotions she hides deep within, unaware of the hurricane that may make him never return to this city being her heart.

Wanting to be better than all in her past; she decides to allow him to bring about change in her little defective perfect world…

Could this be it?

One thought on “Her break

  1. Hey thanks!!! I love your transparency and inspiration. You are truly a blessing . You gained a subscriber ! I hope you support my blog as well! Thanks once again


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