Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


He told me I had not closed that chapter…

Do you blame me?

Am I the monster you paint me out to be, the monster I became because of you

Why do you have so much power over me,

Could it be that we have poisoned each other so badly that it won’t leave our system

That we both carry so extent of evil that resurfaces each time we interact, causing more damage than we anticipated it ever could


He told me that he would not judge me based on you and I…

I am supposed to be happy,

Leave you in the past, allow you to be free of all this negativity

Could it be that ropes where tied and never broken down when our paths differed

That we should have done things the traditional way to ensure that all pieces of our hearts we both shared were returned to their rightful owners

“teach me to let go” I told him…

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