Her Logic

A while

For the longest time I've shied away from feeling, for each time I do I just get so sad and confused. You know, we often speak about community; not having to go through things on your own, but why do I feel like I'm doing all this on my own. Day by day, weeks by… Continue reading A while



I woke up this morning, needing to be the pillar of strength for someone really dear to me. For many, our internal demons seem to be more vivid than we would like them to be. This goes out to a very close being, a soul that I let down yet has always been there for… Continue reading Untitled

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break

Some call him a distraction, she calls him hope... Their paths crossed like any ordinary young souls would; at an event like any other with no particular intent of acquiring intimacy. Perfection would be one of his best attributes, yet his young mind does not see it yet, so humble she can't help but blush… Continue reading Her break


Melancholic flight

Looking at the world without the glass of pretence that she's been wearing all her life.  Stepping into the being she had been suppressing, turning a blind eye to judgemental and prejudice knives stabbing her in her most valuable organs.  Little bird at last finding her wings, stretching them out; seeing its colors glitter in the… Continue reading Melancholic flight



Twenty-three... The age were you finally learn to take care of yourself, the beginning of your independence.  You are either finishing your studies due to little hurdles that came your way called life/starting your professional life in the workplace, in all this you still trying to find your feet.  Pulled by all forces of life;… Continue reading Twenty-three


Inner scars

"Will it ever get better?"  The question she thought she had found the answer to. Her dark world was clearling up, the sun was finally piercing through her stormy sky. A random day when joyed filled her heart, the wind came back to knock her down.  Alone she stood, trying to keep her feet steady,… Continue reading Inner scars



The sun rises, her eyes wide open, huddled looking outside her window. Every morning is the same, the feeling of loneliness as she tries to fill the void deepened by her missing blankie, her comfort toy.  He used to call her every morning this Angel, whispering in her ear as she opened her eyes, his… Continue reading Void…


Deep inside

No words to express the pain she feels inside, her faith hanging by a thin thread of silk as she tries so hard to not let it break.  Crippled by this world she tucks herself in her bed, head under her bright duvet hiding from the sunlight piercing through her dark grey curtains. What's wrong… Continue reading Deep inside


Yet another day passes…

Living up to people's expectations is something her mind blocks her from doing, that not me, she thinks to herself... thoughts that only she can hear.  Another day passes by, the more helpless she feels. It's her birthday today, the day of joy it should be, but to her, it is just another day, another… Continue reading Yet another day passes…


Behind her face III

Being unable to tell who she is, she stares in the mirror. Thoughts of the future seem so vague when everything feels like a dream. She longs to wake up from this boundless dream that everyone calls reality.  Her feeble body gasping for air as she walks to her room, drained from her daily activities...… Continue reading Behind her face III