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Be Still

Stillness:the absence of movement or sound.A calm, quiet, motionless state. In a fast-paced world where lies travel faster than truths and harsh words faster than words that soothe,We all ought to learn the art of being still,The skill of having ears that filter the words we are fed and the habit of keeping our mouths… Continue reading Be Still



Rolling warm water droplets upon thy's face, That's what happens when one forgets to breathe Aching shell, the manifestation of thy's inner turmoils I hate the cold, reminder of one's fragile nature Longing for salvation, the catalyst of hope, Tormented by thy's thoughts, with the hindrance in expression, one silently looks to the sky, As… Continue reading Longing


Sensitive Black Man

Genesis Man,Learn to love...Let streams of waters flow through neglected lands,To resurrect what once was and to bring forth what was always meant to be but was never allowed to surface...Go a little bit deeper,Run your fingers through the riversLike a comb through your kinky hair,Feel every wave,Let your pulse imitate the rhythm of love...Wash… Continue reading Sensitive Black Man



I longed for you for so long, I longed for what I was told you bring. Thought I had you at last, but i was wrong... It pains me to say you are just a fairy tale, A tale little me believed in over and over again. Trapped in confusion, my heart is frail... Listen,… Continue reading It


Are you okay?

Should I keep running this race called life? Contemplating my existence and purpose, I met an angel, an addition to my guardians...   You are rejected and despised, everyday you look at me...disguised. Disguised under that fake smile and those passionate eyes, but I see through all your lies. The slits on your wrists speak… Continue reading Are you okay?



"They don't seem to get any better," I cry out deep within. Feeling like an outcast in my closest circles, unable to grasp the concept of "relationship" building, I have labeled myself as a loner.   Feeling pain in every word spoken to me Finding it difficult to keep my head held high, I have… Continue reading Things



Writing use to come naturally to me. A words overflowing in my mind, words I am unable to utter. My silence was expressed on paper, My deepest feeling; pain and hurt But lately, I haven't been feeling at all; no pain, no hurt most of all no love. Everything is just gone. My ability to… Continue reading Silence



What goes on in my mind? Mostly blank spaces as I stare through the air with absolutely no purpose. Unlike the ordinary mind, I can't explain my thought process though I love talking, which often equals a complete disaster. To those around me, I have a fun "creative with lots of potential", probably the next… Continue reading ME


Letter to you

Dear young woman, This goes out to you my inner being, How fragile you may be, thinking the world has nothing good to offer except hardships. I can't promise you that it will get better, I can't tell you that lies in this letter. I want you to know that its OK be confused, its… Continue reading Letter to you


What if…

Twenty five and confused about life, possibly my worst fear right now. Only a few months away and I can't help but wonder what will become of me. No dreams nor goals, nothing to ponder upon. I wish to be a caterpillar, guaranteed that one day I will become a butterfly. Mind so great and… Continue reading What if…