the Soul to care

Like in the fairytales, she found love, Majestic, she reveres Him. Peace, surety, bliss, a byproduct of their interactions thereof. Being with Him is not something many will comprehend, Validation is not her pursuit nor endeavour, For in a world where the self bares more weight, He is the Soul to care. Similar to the… Continue reading the Soul to care



Take off your mask,Let the sun shine on your face. Let my eyes meet your gaze.Days have gone by and I'm hoping this isn't just a phase and that after a few years I won't be forced to erase memories of moments spent together and now fading away like smoke on ashtrays, cigarette and mouth… Continue reading Reveal


A Letter to Eros

Dear Eros,I once knew you and you knew meWe knew each other not so long ago. I remember how it felt,Getting butterflies at the sound of a voice,Checking my phone every few minutesAnd discovering that having an ounce of extra melanin would not suffice to camouflage the blush on my cheeks. But you know that… Continue reading A Letter to Eros

This be him - unfiltered chats


At this point your name is irrelevant, I spent the last hour or so writing something super poetic to you, it even had rhyming couplets you know, just the way I did it on here then *BOOM It was only just a dream😖 (sing like Nelly sings it). You can imagine the look on my… Continue reading Dear…


Black love

I know it has been a while. Currently struggling to get myself to write, so I'll share something I wrote a while back. Hope you like it... Held in his arms, her safe haven. The dynamics of their union, written in pen as a Ying & Yang - opposing forces that work together. Behind close… Continue reading Black love


Dear you

It's 3am in my city, have been struggling to stay asleep but I'm trying. This feeling that you are near is excitingly overwhelming. I wonder if I am what you prayed for? If my fears and insecurities won't make you rethink your interest. It's dark in this part of the world, trying to not dwell… Continue reading Dear you



I didn't realize how much I valued it till I met him. They say "you don't know love until you've set your conditions" It took guy C's lack of consideration to guy Q's harsh words to refine my list. They say "lists are overrated", I say the lack of it leads to more pain than… Continue reading Conditions


To you

With each day that passes, my longing grows. My favorite part of thinking about you are the uncontrollable grins God & my close friends see when I speak about you. I wish you knew how intentional I have become about your well-being and success, I pray for you. They go something along these lines: Who… Continue reading To you

Her Logic


They say it is part of our nature, the foundation of what makes us human, what makes us relate to one another. We all have questions; why am I, what could have I, how could you... Questions we may never get answers to and those who do, boy aren't you lucky. A million questions fill… Continue reading Questioning

Her Logic

A while

For the longest time I've shied away from feeling, for each time I do I just get so sad and confused. You know, we often speak about community; not having to go through things on your own, but why do I feel like I'm doing all this on my own. Day by day, weeks by… Continue reading A while