Dear 30 year old self

I've been meaning to write to you, but haven't had the strength to. See a few years ago things got really tough, random feelings of hopelessness that just wouldn't go away. I hope you aren't feeling that too. I want to believe that you are in a better place, that everything is making alot more… Continue reading Dear 30 year old self

Her Logic · Poetry

Revelations of Time

"It snowed today", she typed.I paused and smiled for a second as I imagined a sight unaccustomed to my African eyes.All I had known my whole life was the yellow sun at its zenith; And yetAlthough we layed in different beds,In different rooms,On opposite sides of the globe,The same sun shun on each of us,Just… Continue reading Revelations of Time



How would you describe life? Life to me is the act of loving one's existence, being one with one's feelings, emotions, body and soul. Life is making a conscious choice to carry on despite the hurdles that lay ahead. It's being okay with the idea that you may not be okay but still strive to… Continue reading Description



Wide awake she lays at night, replaying the day's events, clinging on to the good short moments. They speak of this thing, something that's effortless, something that overwhelms one with bliss, she longs for that thing, See, she hasn't always been one to not believe, just unable to believe that she could phantom a that… Continue reading Suitor



Labeled as unconditional, execution guidelines key words "easy, simple" with the fine print "handle with care" Love The fairytale longed by many for a simple touch, a stroke that would last a life time Love "is patient, is kind. Does not envy, does not boast, is not proud." Love The sparkle in an infant's eyes… Continue reading It’s…



With a touch of cold, you appeared in the sky, soaking every aspect of me, I almost forgot how you feel, a feeling I do not miss. In rumbling skies, you appeared unannounced, wetting everything in your path, I nearly had forgotten the mood that accompanied your presence. With knocks, you creep up at the… Continue reading Rain



She thought she was fine, engaged in casual thoughts, entertained the conversation, She thought she had figured that part out, guess she hadn't paid much attention, Roses are red, violets are blue, life ain't so rosie & that's the truth...



Behind the smiles and laughter, sits her thoughts, Behind the extensive phone conversation displaying her jolly self, sits her mind, Behind the I'm okay, don't worry, sits her story, ... Life showed her a glimpse of the what if, the universe ushered her through the or not Opening up about her fears, her practice, Reaching… Continue reading Worry


Wired Realization

Wired to act as if everything is okay in the midst of chaos, Wired to shy away from negativity, as if bad doesn't exist, Wired to display strength, breaking away from those deemed as weak Without realizing, we feed, condone and fuel triggers, Without realizing it, we tell the oppressed and troubled that they aren't… Continue reading Wired Realization



Thought she was fine, blissfully going about her day, Thought she was getting better, unconsciously smiling from ear to ear, Thought it was all over, able to resume as if nothing happened, All it took was a little disappointment, one bestowed on by her intellect reminding her that she can do better, All it took… Continue reading Enough