A Letter to Eros

Dear Eros,I once knew you and you knew meWe knew each other not so long ago. I remember how it felt,Getting butterflies at the sound of a voice,Checking my phone every few minutesAnd discovering that having an ounce of extra melanin would not suffice to camouflage the blush on my cheeks. But you know that… Continue reading A Letter to Eros

His World · Poetry

It’s Ok

It's okay to feel lost at times,It's okay to cry.Having a fragmented heart does not prevent you from loving wholly, because although we are different, we are one in the fact that we all have the experience of being human and experiencing our fair share of suffering, pain and confusion. It's okay to love again.It's… Continue reading It’s Ok

Her Logic · Poetry

Revelations of Time

"It snowed today", she typed.I paused and smiled for a second as I imagined a sight unaccustomed to my African eyes.All I had known my whole life was the yellow sun at its zenith; And yetAlthough we layed in different beds,In different rooms,On opposite sides of the globe,The same sun shun on each of us,Just… Continue reading Revelations of Time


So long

This marks 27 years of your absence, I've learned to attach the memory of you to aspects I can touch and feel, sometimes it works wonders other not so much. Those who love you are are still going through the pain, Those who love you are still feeling the aches, Those who remember I've learn… Continue reading So long


Sensitive Black Man

Genesis Man,Learn to love...Let streams of waters flow through neglected lands,To resurrect what once was and to bring forth what was always meant to be but was never allowed to surface...Go a little bit deeper,Run your fingers through the riversLike a comb through your kinky hair,Feel every wave,Let your pulse imitate the rhythm of love...Wash… Continue reading Sensitive Black Man



We all have to believe in some form of higher power, the only remedy to soothe our open wounds. (Colossian 3:15) Today I woke up blue, wondering what bills will be on my balance sheet, queued. Today I woke up weary, wondering what my veins really looked like; green or clear exposed to air, just… Continue reading Satisfied

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break: part 2

Puzzled by the world, a new door opens itself, allowing her to revive the words " I care". This boy so naive claiming that infatuation is not what drives, that they are the perfect pair. Only a few have crossed her path, less vocal than he, yet better at displaying their feelings. Display seems not… Continue reading Her break: part 2

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break

Some call him a distraction, she calls him hope... Their paths crossed like any ordinary young souls would; at an event like any other with no particular intent of acquiring intimacy. Perfection would be one of his best attributes, yet his young mind does not see it yet, so humble she can't help but blush… Continue reading Her break

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


He told me I had not closed that chapter... Do you blame me? Am I the monster you paint me out to be, the monster I became because of you Why do you have so much power over me, Could it be that we have poisoned each other so badly that it won't leave our… Continue reading Past


My virtual world (Dreams)

The possibility of creating dreams where the world is full of happiness, where I am alone with my loved ones has always been easy for me. Dreams give us that sense of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For most of us it is our escape zone, safe away from… Continue reading My virtual world (Dreams)