Heart worn on sleeve, trigger warnings given before she speaks, yet you victimize her making her feel like she was ill. Can you not see the strength it took to love you when her world is falling apart, To support and come to your aid with the little strength she harbored in her heart. She… Continue reading Bail

Let's talk

Relationships: the unspoken rule

Should I call? Can I call? What should I say or not say? We've all been through this, yet there is so much we do and do not know. The infamous "dating rules", but what are they really and do they define the longevity and strength of our relationship? According to a study conducted by… Continue reading Relationships: the unspoken rule



It started off as a simple discomfort, a little hidden truth It started as a little grain, buried beneath the rug with no escape It's funny how life has a way of making you doubt things, Confidently wakening your being to the anxiety based on the lack of something as simple as trust Yet the… Continue reading Grain



Needing to be understood, she did the impossible, Hoping to be heard, she gathered the strength to talk Wanna talk? they all love to say, but when she finally speaks, little do they take in Understanding we are all not the same is the only energy she can feed on Understanding that things are the way… Continue reading Quiet

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

“Prince charming”

J, seemed to be her prince charming. This notorious teenager that always seemed to have a line-up of girls at his footsteps, was going to turn into an angel, according to innocent Safi. Often disappointed by his lack of interest in her stories, she kept her head up high convinced she could turn him into… Continue reading “Prince charming”



Brother, Can she pull the strings of your soul, Stimulate your mind, And help you find, The king within... Can she be more than eye-candy? Can she be soul food? Acknowledge the fact that you are a soul with a body and not a body with a soul, And that your sole purpose is to… Continue reading Brother



I believe certain people are allowed into my life to bring out the best version of me, this particular person has become my day 1. As the date on which our paths crossed approaches, I dedicate this to you... He, so meek full of joy, his scars hidden beneath his smile, He, most's voice of… Continue reading Beloved



They said I should get rid of you, that I should close that chapter of my life yet I am unable to. I have often wondered why you stayed around, why I couldn't just erase you from my memory then I remember; "you are an angel sent from heaven just for me." See I do… Continue reading Raphael



I woke up this morning, needing to be the pillar of strength for someone really dear to me. For many, our internal demons seem to be more vivid than we would like them to be. This goes out to a very close being, a soul that I let down yet has always been there for… Continue reading Untitled



I longed for you for so long, I longed for what I was told you bring. Thought I had you at last, but i was wrong... It pains me to say you are just a fairy tale, A tale little me believed in over and over again. Trapped in confusion, my heart is frail... Listen,… Continue reading It