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In another life…

In another life promises will be kept and love won't grow cold. In a reminiscent state I long for the warmth of summer and the sweetness that winter once hadAs your warm breath cleared your foggy screen and exposed its little cracks;A portrait of my breaking heart. You broke me first and in the process,I… Continue reading In another life…



Labeled as unconditional, execution guidelines key words "easy, simple" with the fine print "handle with care" Love The fairytale longed by many for a simple touch, a stroke that would last a life time Love "is patient, is kind. Does not envy, does not boast, is not proud." Love The sparkle in an infant's eyes… Continue reading It’s…



We found ourselves in the chaos...Right where real love lives,In the two-AM thoughts,The sleepless nights,The longings for proximity,Something we pray forWhile living in the now, The presentThe precious gift we passionately hold on to while waiting for a future where our eyes will meet beyond phone screens,Where we move past wordsAnd our promises of love… Continue reading Chaos



We are spirits with bodies and not the other way around, So in this motion we are set free, as we ascend to the flow of heaven's melodies, we pray to meet again in our next lives,


African Love Story

Love, so simple in all its complexity, Or made complex in its simplicity as we dare not give up pride in fear of rejection, but if we never take the risk, will we ever be able to truly love?

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


The seasons were changing in her part of the world, one of the exciting highlights of her teenage life. She was looking forward to colder winds and cloudy skies, they were the best when it came to dream creations. In her mind, she painted an image of her & J's future together, the travels and… Continue reading Reality



I wonder if I will ever meet you My half man and half warrior creature, Descendant of angels, son of God I wonder if I will know it's you As you creep into the hidden corners of my heart even I never knew I wonder if I will ever be able to love you Provide… Continue reading Wonder



Awaken by the sun rays , eager is she to see what this day holds in store for her. The idea that he is few events away from finding her, sparks her childhood fairytale into existance once more. "Dear diary", she notes down on her phone, "I have been feeling this light within me, a… Continue reading Happiness

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break: part 2

Puzzled by the world, a new door opens itself, allowing her to revive the words " I care". This boy so naive claiming that infatuation is not what drives, that they are the perfect pair. Only a few have crossed her path, less vocal than he, yet better at displaying their feelings. Display seems not… Continue reading Her break: part 2

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break

Some call him a distraction, she calls him hope... Their paths crossed like any ordinary young souls would; at an event like any other with no particular intent of acquiring intimacy. Perfection would be one of his best attributes, yet his young mind does not see it yet, so humble she can't help but blush… Continue reading Her break