Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


18 seems to be that age where most decisions have to be made: which college to go to, to stay home or live elsewhere, how to express the new acquired freedom that comes with being “of age”. The life of an 18 year old is somewhat more complexed than it seems. Safi would have her own share of life changing decisions to make, after what J told her that day.

As she finally returned home that evening, she pondered on what she just heard, trying to make sense of it all. J seemed so different, but did she like the old notorious him or the prince charming he had now become? “That decision will have to be made at a later stage, now let’s focus”, she told herself as she packed her suitcases to head to campus.

To try something new, she took her sister’s advice and decided to go to a college in another city far away from home. This somewhat rebel act would allow her to broaden her perspective on life and be free from the strict mother hen arms of her mother.

So the journey begins for 18 year old Safi…

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