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It’s Ok

It's okay to feel lost at times,It's okay to cry.Having a fragmented heart does not prevent you from loving wholly, because although we are different, we are one in the fact that we all have the experience of being human and experiencing our fair share of suffering, pain and confusion. It's okay to love again.It's… Continue reading It’s Ok

His World

Storytime (stranger things)

I killed a bird when I was a kid...By mistake of course. I should have been about four or five years old,And I did the strangest thing a kid that age could even think of doing. I buried it and made a cross from pieces of grass I had picked up.A young kid inhabited by… Continue reading Storytime (stranger things)

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


18 seems to be that age where most decisions have to be made: which college to go to, to stay home or live elsewhere, how to express the new acquired freedom that comes with being "of age". The life of an 18 year old is somewhat more complexed than it seems. Safi would have her… Continue reading Decisions

His World

Confessions of a Christian youth

No one grows up untouched by darkness.Things we want no one to find out about,Untold truthsNot only the stories behind our scars,But the wounds that led to them,Not only our deeds but the desires from whence they came.It is only through confession that we heal and stop portraying a picture of perfection that everyone admires… Continue reading Confessions of a Christian youth

Jute Sack

Chapter 1

I was four months old when I lost my dad, too young to care about any other face that was not my mom's. Blissful, blissfully, bliss, words I love using. They mimic the childhood I wished for, even when I was just a child. For as long as I can remember, I put on a… Continue reading Chapter 1



If tomorrow is the future and yesterday the past, why do they seem so alike, continuous ever ending routines... Finally allowing myself to live, to test out new water, who knows, I may finally float. The sense of having a purpose, a will to become someone, the strength to execute. I think I love this… Continue reading Tomorrow



Do what extent am I supposed to be? I often ask myself this question when my world comes crumbling down, which in my "perfect world" it is always. Miss judged and understood by everyone around me, I ask myself if I really want to be understood. Putting these thoughts on paper stimulate tears to run… Continue reading Truth



I woke up this morning with an angel besides me, I woke up happy, with them all around me.  The feeling of wanting to go on is what i felt,  with more than just enough time left... For those who are new to this blog, anxiety is my daily bread. Living in my shoes always… Continue reading Control



The dream of this little girl seems to be falling apart. Faith is the only shoulder to cry on she has, as the walls shatter in front of her. Being an adult is not as easy as they make it seem; bills to pay, people counting on you. In all of this they forget to… Continue reading Adulting…

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


He told me I had not closed that chapter... Do you blame me? Am I the monster you paint me out to be, the monster I became because of you Why do you have so much power over me, Could it be that we have poisoned each other so badly that it won't leave our… Continue reading Past