Let's talk


Let’s talk about the word perfect and everything that is associated to it. By definition, perfect means: complete and correct in every way, of the best possible type or without fault.

Can this adjective be attributed to human beings?

Being in the modeling industry, among other things on my resume, I often wonder what makes us so critical; over analyzing, seeking to be without flaw in everything we do and are.

Are these goals unattainable?

I, myself, being a perfectionist, I struggle to find answers to these questions. It is like somehow we are wired to sought a life without error or flaw aka the “perfect life”. Maybe it is just a Millennial thing, but I see it alot, in my peers’ approach to almost everything.

Don’t get me wrong, perfectionism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can push you to become the best version of yourself as you seek to get your dream job or ace that presentation/performance. Perfectionism can be good, if used accordingly. We just need to be realistic about what is attainable and what isn’t. Know where to draw the line between complete la la land aspirations and concrete aspects that foster healthy growth…

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