His World · Poetry

Be Still

the absence of movement or sound.
A calm,
motionless state.

In a fast-paced world where lies travel faster than truths and harsh words faster than words that soothe,
We all ought to learn the art of being still,
The skill of having ears that filter the words we are fed and the habit of keeping our mouths shut until there is something good to be said because impulsive tongues and hearts are breeding grounds for seeds of bitterness to transform and bloom into bitter fruits so,
Be still…

Watch what you feed the world.
From the fullness of your heart your mouth speaks
So don’t let your release be toxic to the next
Don’t just be eye candy but become food for the soul,
Don’t settle for “you’re hot” but offer  hot bowls of compliments spiced with a few pinches of grace and a whole lot of truth.
And in your stillness,
Become permeable.

Let God the Spirit percolate through your being until two become one in Holy matrimony…
One mind, one body, one will and one voice,
Let God’s words flow through you,
Let His truth wipe away the lies and let His love and grace abide in you.
Be a vessel of His peace,
So in those few seconds, minutes or hours,
Learn to decrease,
To not chase after time but to let it freeze,
To feel the breeze of His presence tingle on your skin,
To not harbour negative feelings but to release.

Inhale and exhale,
To rest in the presence of the Creator and ponder upon the bigness of life and your smallness in comparison,
And still, in that moment,
Remember that it takes a spark to light a forest and be mindful of the contribution of a snowflake in an avalanche,
So in that pensive state,
Be still…

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