Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


18 seems to be that age where most decisions have to be made: which college to go to, to stay home or live elsewhere, how to express the new acquired freedom that comes with being "of age". The life of an 18 year old is somewhat more complexed than it seems. Safi would have her… Continue reading Decisions

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


The seasons were changing in her part of the world, one of the exciting highlights of her teenage life. She was looking forward to colder winds and cloudy skies, they were the best when it came to dream creations. In her mind, she painted an image of her & J's future together, the travels and… Continue reading Reality

Beautiful Nation - short story

The aftermath

1993, the Zulu household’s arrival of a healthy strong boy. Janet had never seen her husband so excited, continuously staring at his son’s little self from his first smile to him learning to hold his posture in the bucket sitting training. Kaya’s presence was a glimpse of hope she lusted for in the hope to… Continue reading The aftermath

Beautiful Nation - short story

May, 30th

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, in the clear skies of the South African winter, May 30th, 1993, when she felt it run down her leg, her long-awaited baby boy had finally decided that he was ready to see the world. She rushed to the bathroom, signaling her mother, "call the ambulance mom, its time". A… Continue reading May, 30th



Awaken by the sun rays , eager is she to see what this day holds in store for her. The idea that he is few events away from finding her, sparks her childhood fairytale into existance once more. "Dear diary", she notes down on her phone, "I have been feeling this light within me, a… Continue reading Happiness