Mental Health Awareness

About 400 million people suffer from mental health disorders worldwide, and that’s just the recorded cases.

400 million…
Some playing the violin with their wrists hoping someone would hear the melody,

Some passionately swimming in pools of alcohol trying to drown their pain,
Some silently screaming their lungs out hoping that someone would peep through the windows of their souls and notice that they’re not okay despite the looks on their faces,

Some taking prescription pills for unprescribed conditions that they found no solution to but death,
Others just unable to word what their tears say…

So today I choose to be a voice for those that speak and pray in tears, I beg you to free your full minds and urge you to be mindful of the unspoken words because not every mouth that smiles belongs to a cheerful heart.

Check up on each other, don’t ignore the signs, reach out with love, you might not only save a life, you might save a soul…

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