Humans with no humanity…

Smile…Tell that to the young Somalian with no food to eat, no water to drink , only bones left as the world looks at them as worthless toothpicks, to the soldier who risks his life for less than a penny, fights for peace, yes, that is ironic.

Smile…Tell that to the hooker at your street corner who has no choice. She’s trapped in her world by a world of judges, eager to speak but with nothing good to say , to the hobo sitting at the robot, hoping for change but only gets bronze coins as he sits for years watching the weather change.

Smile…Tell that to the children with no parents,orphaned by our wars and “natural disasters” , to the girl who just got raped , not just physically but emotionally too and has given up on life.

Smile…Tell that to the children with no food to eat ,no one to hug and have never experienced love. Smile…Tell that to the young boy who just lost his best friend, it will be okay , don’t cry…

We watch from our smartphones and smile as we get a thousand retweets when we hash tag bring back our girls, congo is crying or am I next and watch passively from the comfort of our homes…

We’re humans with no humanity ,we watch the atrocities taking place right before our eyes ,and all we do is smile…

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