Wise ones

The sense of wonder fills her head, wonder of how life would have been if only she had made different choices in life.

We often see cracks within our elders that we wish we hadn’t. Cracks that make you question life and their wisdom, cracks that make you wonder if you would be better of without them.

We all carry just the right amount of burden tailor suited for my beings, says religion. Would those burden include certain people in our lives, our work and financial standings?

Choosing not to be like the previous generation could mean that we’ve indirectly and directly witness bad decision making from the ones known for being so wise.

Remorse and anger are not enough to explain what she feels; unable to believe words thy utters due to the awareness brought upon her.

A feeling so strong, she tries so hard not to be bottled up in, in fear shattering the hearts of those who once meant the world to her…

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