He hit me…

He hit me again…He claims to love me but never seems to show it. His words have no depth or meaning but i keep returning to his arms.

I don’t know what love is, I have never known a man that said it and showed it. I grew up without my dad, but I know that he hit my mom too. I saw it in her scars as I looked at her with teary eyes,

I grew up only knowing how to be weak, to be dominated by men and the image of love i saw was in the scars that i saw on my mother’s face. I read all these books about what they call “real men” and I can’t stop myself from chuckling because one woman out there still believes that they exist, still believes in true love and still has hope that there is such a thing as a real man.

I have been so naive, I let  myself fall for ungodly men because those are the ones left. The only Real Man is Jesus and He is the only one who told me that He loved me and showed it.

I await for someone to prove me wrong, to prove to me that men can love, a man that won’t love me for my body but love me for me, a man that will want an eternity with me and not a one-night  stand. I long for a real man, a man like Christ…

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