It's human nature to see people as the sin they committed and overlook the change they underwent. For most, this year was a winter. Our leaves dwindled and exposed our nudity and we saw the veracity of what we are truly made of. The insecurities we buried deep within our subconscious, the loneliness, the need… Continue reading 2020.


Humans with no humanity…

Smile...Tell that to the young Somalian with no food to eat, no water to drink , only bones left as the world looks at them as worthless toothpicks, to the soldier who risks his life for less than a penny, fights for peace, yes, that is ironic. Smile...Tell that to the hooker at your street… Continue reading Humans with no humanity…


He hit me…

He hit me again...He claims to love me but never seems to show it. His words have no depth or meaning but i keep returning to his arms. I don't know what love is, I have never known a man that said it and showed it. I grew up without my dad, but I know… Continue reading He hit me…


His pain

Afraid to show weakness, he tightened his fist, Afraid of not being shown respect, he bottled up his tears, What's wrong? Probing questions he isn't accustomed to provide a response to, See, he was raised in a world where bliss was his display task, Unable to give a voice to his thoughts, he raises his… Continue reading His pain



I was told to write to You, to tell you about my worries and thoughts, I was told to reach out to You, to ask for guidance in this time I am most lost. Truth is I shy away in moments like this, I don't know how to tell You that I am not okay… Continue reading Spirit

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


A lesson she would never learn; not relying on another to be her sunshine. They say we once use to be angels before we got placed in our mothers wombs. Never had they explained that our angelic nature would become like that of a dog with rabies. A lesson she would never learn; allow herself… Continue reading Lesson


Him (part 2)

He who use to over power her, holding her wrist whispering words in her ears. He who use to make her shed tear, lock herself listening to his voice every evening unable to sleep. He who hates to see her smile, pulling her away from what she once loved. He who is the worse thing… Continue reading Him (part 2)



The struggle of getting up in the morning, the pain of staying asleep at night nothing can compare to the sad despair of job hunting. As a university student, I always had a perfect plan on how i was going to graduate at 21, get my first job by 22 and get my own place… Continue reading Unemployed


Out of the ordinary: Afraid

Pessimist me has always thought the worse about life; fearing driving or being on the road thinking I might crash, not doing things to avoid failure. So to those like me, life is a scary realm where things are never in your control and disappointment roams at every corner. We just choose to stay in… Continue reading Out of the ordinary: Afraid


Campaign of life

This an explainable want to escape, It's a feeling I just can't explain. Life is not as perfect as they show in those videotapes, Where you go to school, graduate and pouff! Gone the migraines. Yet they seem to forget this detail everytime they campaign, Persuading you that this system will make you better than… Continue reading Campaign of life