Can she pull the strings of your soul,
Stimulate your mind,
And help you find,
The king within…

Can she be more than eye-candy?
Can she be soul food?
Acknowledge the fact that you are a soul with a body and not a body with a soul,
And that your sole purpose is to bring glory to the great I Am…

Can she bring out the God within the man,
Redefine your nature,
And resurrect your divine self?

Can she be intimate with you without having to feel your skin?
Can she,
Hold you without touching you,
Connect with you without physical contact,
Make you go deeper without biblically having to know her?
Can she wait until you become one?

Can she love you for you?
Can she look past the money,cars, and houses? Can she look past status and would she love you still if you had to lose all you have?

Can she love you like you deserve to be loved?
If she can, marry her bro…

Jacques Maghoma Kisula

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