Morning , 30 June DRC independence day

Good morning…

Woke up today from a weird sleep, but in an awesome mood…

I just remembered a few minutes today marks 55 years of independence of my country the Democratic Republic of Congo former Zaire 🙂 🙂 super happy and proud to be Congolese right now (despite the bad things happening in DRC right now)

So I’m here in the office, dancing on my chair and expressing my good mood even if my co-worker ain’t in a good mood. Lately I have been trying to shut negative energy out, it’s hard when every morning grumpy people have to try and ruin your mood…
My mom always says people like that want to just ruin your day and block your blessings, if you allow them you will become grumpy yourself…

Before I leave, HAPPY INDEPENDRNCE DAY TO ALL MY CONGOLESE BROTHERS AND SISTERS ALL OVER THE WORLD, remember to be and stay proud of your origins. ..



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