Dear 30 year old self

I've been meaning to write to you, but haven't had the strength to. See a few years ago things got really tough, random feelings of hopelessness that just wouldn't go away. I hope you aren't feeling that too. I want to believe that you are in a better place, that everything is making alot more… Continue reading Dear 30 year old self


I’ll be ok

Out here tryna make it, but you keep clipping my wings, Out here tryna make it, but you keep on shutting down my dreams, I know struggle, I know pain, wondering if this is not hate. See, in the past few years I have tried to understand you, Studied your reasons of actions and being.… Continue reading I’ll be ok


Unspoken mind

The world is not ready to hear what lies behind my hollow eyes, bright blossoming smile, cheerful laughter. Holding it all in is probably my biggest strenght, bottling up what I can not bare myself to let me wear.  Solitude is my safe zone; the fear of being misunderstood and mistaken for an attention seeker… Continue reading Unspoken mind



Sometimes silence is the best voice of comfort... Alone looking at the window, The lone feeling leaving me hollow, "I should snap out of it", I supposed, "Find a hobbie", they all proposed, Not wanting to speak, I hold my silence, Body soul running out of balance, "I'm ok" my favourite melody, "Can I be… Continue reading Hush


How to get out of the sink hole of depression…

Many say depression is a state of mind that people create for themselves, having being there myself, i would disagree. Depression according to me, is a sink hole that one ends up getting into because of certain things that happens in his/her life. For me, it was caused by a build up of emotions that… Continue reading How to get out of the sink hole of depression…


The torture of sinking 

"I don't want to wake up, can you let me sleep please" "Can't you see I'm not ok? Why can you not see, why do you not hear my cries?" "Help me"   Are the phrases a sinking soul cries out behind her solid, painless face. Behind this concrete wall, she feels her world is… Continue reading The torture of sinking