Writing, the art of putting thoughts and ideas down on a canvas; physical or digital. A skill taught to an infant, essential for effective communication, used by all who have the ability to see and limbs to write. Writing, the number one tool used by those unable to verbally express themselves, Writing, the go to… Continue reading Writing



I am a flower,I know in this day and age it is unconventional for a man to compare himself to a flower,But that is what I am. Beautiful,Delicate,In need of care,The world is a tough place especially for a black man,Blown to and fro by winds of criticism forcing me to be more masculine;Toughen up… Continue reading Flower

Jute Sack

Chapter 1

I was four months old when I lost my dad, too young to care about any other face that was not my mom's. Blissful, blissfully, bliss, words I love using. They mimic the childhood I wished for, even when I was just a child. For as long as I can remember, I put on a… Continue reading Chapter 1


Wired Realization

Wired to act as if everything is okay in the midst of chaos, Wired to shy away from negativity, as if bad doesn't exist, Wired to display strength, breaking away from those deemed as weak Without realizing, we feed, condone and fuel triggers, Without realizing it, we tell the oppressed and troubled that they aren't… Continue reading Wired Realization


The wait

Wait, they said So she did, before she realised it, she had thrown her dreams and aspirations out the window See, she was never programmed to pursue her own "happily ever after", instead she left that responsibility to her better half What will he think of you, was what was often said So she adjusted… Continue reading The wait

Beautiful Nation - short story

The aftermath

1993, the Zulu household’s arrival of a healthy strong boy. Janet had never seen her husband so excited, continuously staring at his son’s little self from his first smile to him learning to hold his posture in the bucket sitting training. Kaya’s presence was a glimpse of hope she lusted for in the hope to… Continue reading The aftermath

Let's talk


What does it mean to have low morals standards? The Oxford dictionary defines Morality as "principles concerning right and wrong or good and bad behavior". From its definition we understand that referring to someone has having low morals basically means that they continuously make wrong choices or behave badly, but according to which standards are… Continue reading Morals

Let's talk

Education: Preparation for marriage

In a typical African household, boys are told not to cry while girls stay by their mother’s side learning everything from cooking and cleaning to looking after children. In this generation, gender equality and gender education have become a sensitive topic, with many still believing that it is a must for a woman to know… Continue reading Education: Preparation for marriage


What if…

Twenty five and confused about life, possibly my worst fear right now. Only a few months away and I can't help but wonder what will become of me. No dreams nor goals, nothing to ponder upon. I wish to be a caterpillar, guaranteed that one day I will become a butterfly. Mind so great and… Continue reading What if…



I woke up this morning with an angel besides me, I woke up happy, with them all around me.  The feeling of wanting to go on is what i felt,  with more than just enough time left... For those who are new to this blog, anxiety is my daily bread. Living in my shoes always… Continue reading Control