Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


A lesson she would never learn; not relying on another to be her sunshine. They say we once use to be angels before we got placed in our mothers wombs. Never had they explained that our angelic nature would become like that of a dog with rabies. A lesson she would never learn; allow herself… Continue reading Lesson



I look outside the window, the breeze blowing through the trees, gentle as a water droplets on a leave. If only the world was so simple, I can't help but wonder. What would it feel like to be those trees, soothed by the breezes whisper. In my perfect world, people can read my mind. See… Continue reading Eyes


The hoax 

Today she entered a world she finally thought she could call home.  This world seemed so beautiful and welcoming, a place she that would allow her to flourish and blossom, but little did she know how cruel and viscous this world was.  All its habitants, pretenders they all were, she just had to learn the… Continue reading The hoax