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At this point your name is irrelevant, I spent the last hour or so writing something super poetic to you, it even had rhyming couplets you know, just the way I did it on here then *BOOM It was only just a dream😖 (sing like Nelly sings it). You can imagine the look on my… Continue reading Dear…


Dear you

It's 3am in my city, have been struggling to stay asleep but I'm trying. This feeling that you are near is excitingly overwhelming. I wonder if I am what you prayed for? If my fears and insecurities won't make you rethink your interest. It's dark in this part of the world, trying to not dwell… Continue reading Dear you


To you

With each day that passes, my longing grows. My favorite part of thinking about you are the uncontrollable grins God & my close friends see when I speak about you. I wish you knew how intentional I have become about your well-being and success, I pray for you. They go something along these lines: Who… Continue reading To you

His World · Poetry

The Imperfect Bride of Christ

I have chosen to percolate a culture overly obsessed with romance and intimacy and yet, so reluctant to discover the full extent of Love.If only they could have an encounter- this is my story... To me, love is free will.If I left you the choice,Would you still love me?If I showed you all my flaws,Would… Continue reading The Imperfect Bride of Christ

His World · Poetry

Stains of Love

He proceeded...Without caution or hesitationdown a slippery slope,A heart filled with hope.Hope that one day, you would choose Him too... Let me lay out the scenery,First nail went in, as He screamed in agony... Beauty in this mystery, an act that changed the course of History, death that led to victory...As His body was beaten,… Continue reading Stains of Love



We are spirits with bodies and not the other way around, So in this motion we are set free, as we ascend to the flow of heaven's melodies, we pray to meet again in our next lives,


The wait

Wait, they said So she did, before she realised it, she had thrown her dreams and aspirations out the window See, she was never programmed to pursue her own "happily ever after", instead she left that responsibility to her better half What will he think of you, was what was often said So she adjusted… Continue reading The wait



She looks him in the eyes to find the gate to his soul She looks right at him, filtering through his motions seeking his emotions She looks and wonders is he genuine? A question many of us ask ourselves when meeting a him Afraid to fall into the trap of lack of mutual understanding We… Continue reading Intentions



I wonder if I will ever meet you My half man and half warrior creature, Descendant of angels, son of God I wonder if I will know it's you As you creep into the hidden corners of my heart even I never knew I wonder if I will ever be able to love you Provide… Continue reading Wonder


The phrase

"You don't need me", were the words that shrivelled out of his mouth A phrase containing more meaning than the four words it contains His expression came from a place of pain, Pain so vivid, we could not escape the urge to share the burden of his heart His expression came from a place of… Continue reading The phrase