Dear 25 year old me

You took a gamble and gave hope other shoot, left everything that seemed promising to return to a place that left you wondering if you were fit to function. Whenever I look at you, I see a young woman trying to defy the odds. I see a person trying to exercise her fully functioning prefrontal… Continue reading Dear 25 year old me


Fractured soul

They said it was all going to be okay, Yet I find myself hurting over the same things over and over again. "Life isn't fair", is the lesson I take way from all this, As I try once more to keep my head held high. Do I really want to make it? Do I really… Continue reading Fractured soul


Him (part 2)

He who use to over power her, holding her wrist whispering words in her ears. He who use to make her shed tear, lock herself listening to his voice every evening unable to sleep. He who hates to see her smile, pulling her away from what she once loved. He who is the worse thing… Continue reading Him (part 2)


Campaign of life

This an explainable want to escape, It's a feeling I just can't explain. Life is not as perfect as they show in those videotapes, Where you go to school, graduate and pouff! Gone the migraines. Yet they seem to forget this detail everytime they campaign, Persuading you that this system will make you better than… Continue reading Campaign of life


The torture of sinking 

"I don't want to wake up, can you let me sleep please" "Can't you see I'm not ok? Why can you not see, why do you not hear my cries?" "Help me"   Are the phrases a sinking soul cries out behind her solid, painless face. Behind this concrete wall, she feels her world is… Continue reading The torture of sinking