Sometimes faith is all we have, in the midst of a chaotic world, hope is our main coping mechanism, Sometimes we have to be our own friend, when there is some much we wish to say but nonexistent beings to share them with, Sometimes we ignore signs that we may need help, afraid of the… Continue reading Exhausted



In her mind, things are less complex, In her mind, all things make sense; The reasons we are so different, the answers to all our problems.   See in her naive mind, the solution to her aching soul is as simple as a single touch; A shoulder to rest her heavy mind on, A soldier,… Continue reading Voice



We all have to believe in some form of higher power, the only remedy to soothe our open wounds. (Colossian 3:15) Today I woke up blue, wondering what bills will be on my balance sheet, queued. Today I woke up weary, wondering what my veins really looked like; green or clear exposed to air, just… Continue reading Satisfied

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


He told me I had not closed that chapter... Do you blame me? Am I the monster you paint me out to be, the monster I became because of you Why do you have so much power over me, Could it be that we have poisoned each other so badly that it won't leave our… Continue reading Past



Sometimes silence is the best voice of comfort... Alone looking at the window, The lone feeling leaving me hollow, "I should snap out of it", I supposed, "Find a hobbie", they all proposed, Not wanting to speak, I hold my silence, Body soul running out of balance, "I'm ok" my favourite melody, "Can I be… Continue reading Hush



He came over me like a strong wind. Unable to comprehend what happened, I burst into tears...  Love can be expressed in different ways; through a touch, a sound, an image or a smell, doesn't mean any of them is more important than the other.  The sun rose today, brighter than ever. Her heart at… Continue reading Mellowed