His World

Before they die

Give them flowers when they can still smell them, not when their bodies are buried in caskets, six feet deep then later on claim that your love for them was deep... Tell them you love them while they can still hear it, not when they're unresponsive and covered with sheets on hospital beds, or covered… Continue reading Before they die


Burst of emotions

Looking for an escape I've decided to change, neglecting what I enjoyed most Running away from expressing my emotions how I was accustomed to in the name of "growth" The realization has finally set; I don't want my old habits to die, atleast not the good ones... Looking for a way out, I've allowed more… Continue reading Burst of emotions

Jute Sack

Chapter 2

Every child grows up memorizing stories of great legends who once lived, fiction or reality, these are parts of our childhood that we looked forward to, the foundation of what we build our dreams on and the catalyst to the solidification of our personalities and characters. As a child, the real stories I heard growing… Continue reading Chapter 2


The You you hide…

I love the way you are, the you that no one knows , I love the you you hide.



No one ever tells you that you might just fall out of love, That the butterflies you once felt will suddenly fade, leaving a blank space. No one ever tells you how hard it will be, To keep smiling when he upsets you and forgets about you. No one ever tells you that... Is it… Continue reading Indefinite


Wanting to escape

Some of us are just misunderstood; everything we do is taken as a rebellion against rules and regulations. As a young adult with so many "perfect" beings to look at up, this world can be a stressful place trying to find your ground to stand on. I often hear stories of rebellions young adult and… Continue reading Wanting to escape


“Cool breeze…”

He smiled at her; in his eyes, so much care she could not ignore. Blinded by the thought of being judged, he held her hand pulled her close and whispered in her ear... He seems to have taken away all her insecurities, this mysterious being that opened his arms so wide and held her. Pulling… Continue reading “Cool breeze…”

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Blue day…

Safi always hated feeling alone; having no one to talk to or someone to spend time with her. She filled her surroundings with people who always seem to keep her entertained but her best friend was her new puppy that she had begged her mother for. Last born of two children, her world had always… Continue reading Blue day…


I’m just struggling to be…

Independent, I want to be... Struggling to feel the ground below me, I am... I want to be able to spoil my mom, give back to my family for all they have done for me but the tunnel is yet too dark. You know, sometimes you try to remain positive then the fear of not… Continue reading I’m just struggling to be…