His World

She is someone…

Sometimes my prayers go up in the form of tears,And to me that's a privilege because somewhere out there, a million prayers go up in the form of blood and rape wounds... I ponder on the man privilege that I have been born into; how I can walk on the streets of the rape capital… Continue reading She is someone…



Her soul is a fire,Her body a hearth, Her skin,brown like the earth from whence she came... She is warmth in the winter,Burns ruby red in the summer,Cool in the spring and autumn, She is life bearer...At the possibility you'd stareRegardless of the closest contactSkin still bareFree from burns even though her fire flares So… Continue reading Fire



The average human being breathes about 24000 times a day.In and out,In and out,In and out, And in between those breaths...moments of introspection,split seconds of revelation,And in the stillness...My spirit whispers, "you are alive, let every breath be meaningful..." You are still here,You have yet to be bested,You have overcome every mountain,Swam through every sea,And… Continue reading Live.