His World

She is someone…

Sometimes my prayers go up in the form of tears,And to me that's a privilege because somewhere out there, a million prayers go up in the form of blood and rape wounds... I ponder on the man privilege that I have been born into; how I can walk on the streets of the rape capital… Continue reading She is someone…


Poetry in motion

To me, Love is a river.It is energy in motion,A Wave that carries you no matter how hard you fight, and eventually it teaches you to follow the current... Let yourself go, it's pointless fighting,Become like ice in a warm glass of water,Like chocolate exposed to the sun,Allow yourself to melt and become one with… Continue reading Poetry in motion



We are spirits with bodies and not the other way around, So in this motion we are set free, as we ascend to the flow of heaven's melodies, we pray to meet again in our next lives,



She hasn't been sleeping, Tossing and turning to be woken up by sunrise. She hasn't slept much, Growing dark circles resting on her eye bed, drenched in attempts at productivity. She's been up, Eyes opened, cultivating the skill of micro analysis of Thyself. See, she's been refraining from direct contact, Unable to iterate her experiences… Continue reading Repose



Bliss, is happiness bliss Is its presence supernatural beyond mankind's imagination Beyond what can be heard and seen, buried deep within our soul awaiting to be released Bliss, is the smile on an infant's face an uncontrollable reflex or an expression of a perfect state of peace, So perfect that our adult mind interprets it… Continue reading Bliss



They say to tell them when the breaking point draws near, But are they ready to listen to what has to be said. Are they strong enough to comprehend the battle inside my brain? Are they empathic enough to provide the connection to stop my tears? Is it a shoulder to cry on that I… Continue reading Shadow



"Torn between two countries to which I can not fully claim to be from, my sense of belonging roots itself on my person than a geographical location or a people. Like most diaspora, I have to learn to look beyond origins and documentations to forge my own identity, to be me." - Being from two… Continue reading Residence



I believe certain people are allowed into my life to bring out the best version of me, this particular person has become my day 1. As the date on which our paths crossed approaches, I dedicate this to you... He, so meek full of joy, his scars hidden beneath his smile, He, most's voice of… Continue reading Beloved


Are you okay?

Should I keep running this race called life? Contemplating my existence and purpose, I met an angel, an addition to my guardians...   You are rejected and despised, everyday you look at me...disguised. Disguised under that fake smile and those passionate eyes, but I see through all your lies. The slits on your wrists speak… Continue reading Are you okay?



Dear child, The hurdles here are too high, No one will let you know that though The sun will rise and set until you finally realize it. Dear child, Do aim high and find a purpose, do love your host country with all your might, for there is surely light at the end of the… Continue reading Foreign