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Stains of Love

He proceeded...Without caution or hesitationdown a slippery slope,A heart filled with hope.Hope that one day, you would choose Him too... Let me lay out the scenery,First nail went in, as He screamed in agony... Beauty in this mystery, an act that changed the course of History, death that led to victory...As His body was beaten,… Continue reading Stains of Love



Sometimes I think about heaven...I picture streams of pure water flowing,Birds chirping, bees buzzing, sun glowing... Sometimes I think about heaven...Butterflies liberated from their cocoons,Waterfalls dangling down the Rocky cliffs,The bronze sun shining and yet the moon is taking a peek in broad daylight...A washed away white, like tear stains from our past lives... Sometimes… Continue reading Heaven



The average human being breathes about 24000 times a day.In and out,In and out,In and out, And in between those breaths...moments of introspection,split seconds of revelation,And in the stillness...My spirit whispers, "you are alive, let every breath be meaningful..." You are still here,You have yet to be bested,You have overcome every mountain,Swam through every sea,And… Continue reading Live.