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In another life…

In another life promises will be kept and love won't grow cold. In a reminiscent state I long for the warmth of summer and the sweetness that winter once hadAs your warm breath cleared your foggy screen and exposed its little cracks;A portrait of my breaking heart. You broke me first and in the process,I… Continue reading In another life…



Today I contemplate the depth of life...How at one end of the earth someone sees their first sunrise and on the other someone breathes their last,And in-between, A pause, a thought, a question... "Why on earth am I here?"A question that our minds can not begin to fathom but that our hearts constantly ask.Why are… Continue reading Purpose



The average human being breathes about 24000 times a day.In and out,In and out,In and out, And in between those breaths...moments of introspection,split seconds of revelation,And in the stillness...My spirit whispers, "you are alive, let every breath be meaningful..." You are still here,You have yet to be bested,You have overcome every mountain,Swam through every sea,And… Continue reading Live.