I am a flower,I know in this day and age it is unconventional for a man to compare himself to a flower,But that is what I am. Beautiful,Delicate,In need of care,The world is a tough place especially for a black man,Blown to and fro by winds of criticism forcing me to be more masculine;Toughen up… Continue reading Flower


Toxic Masculinity

I am on a road less traveled. A black African man on a road to understanding my emotions and hopefully normalise the sight of a sensitive Black African man. See, I was taught that men didn't cry. Men were not sensitive. Men could fight. Men slept with girls. So I grew up with standards of… Continue reading Toxic Masculinity



I could taste the coffee on her lips, The sweetness off her skin, The pleasure of a sin... The devil wrapped with a gold ribbon,

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Broken winged angel

Frightened to lose me he held me so tightly, unable to utter these words; stay, I need you...