Dear 30 year old self

I've been meaning to write to you, but haven't had the strength to. See a few years ago things got really tough, random feelings of hopelessness that just wouldn't go away. I hope you aren't feeling that too. I want to believe that you are in a better place, that everything is making alot more… Continue reading Dear 30 year old self



Okay, I'm crying again. Reason? Unknown Stuck in a limbo, I find myself rekindling unrealistic fears that threaten my livelihood. What is happening to me? A question that never ceases to pass my mind. That's the thing about irrational thought; patterns of thinking that are illogical, distort reality and prevent you from reaching your goals, they do just… Continue reading Limbo


Dear Diary

I needed to put something down on paper, something to remind me that I am alive. See, I haven't been thinking about it lately. More like refusing to let my mind go there, yet I still feel like its in the driver seat, this thing... Sometimes I wish they would just listen, most of the… Continue reading Dear Diary


Letter to ten year old me

Dear Laura Its the year 2004 and you are now a decade old. This year is going to go by very fast, so cherish every minute of it. In a few months grandma will no longer be around, if you can, ask mom and your sisters to take lots of pictures as your memories of… Continue reading Letter to ten year old me