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Sexual objectification: Can we objectify ourselves?

This is a topic I particularly struggle with; should I post this picture? What message am I sending? Does this align with my brand? If you are like me, born and raised in a relatively conservative household, I am sure you ask yourself the same questions. I had an encounter yesterday at the mall that… Continue reading Sexual objectification: Can we objectify ourselves?

Jute Sack

Chapter 2

Every child grows up memorizing stories of great legends who once lived, fiction or reality, these are parts of our childhood that we looked forward to, the foundation of what we build our dreams on and the catalyst to the solidification of our personalities and characters. As a child, the real stories I heard growing… Continue reading Chapter 2



Rolling warm water droplets upon thy's face, That's what happens when one forgets to breathe Aching shell, the manifestation of thy's inner turmoils I hate the cold, reminder of one's fragile nature Longing for salvation, the catalyst of hope, Tormented by thy's thoughts, with the hindrance in expression, one silently looks to the sky, As… Continue reading Longing


To my virtual community

Hey, For today I thought I would share something different, this is for all of you followers/subscribers and anyone reading this right now: Often I ponder on my purpose on this earth, Wondering if there is a meaning behind my birth, As I move with intent to be better, to create content with a meaning,… Continue reading To my virtual community


Now and again…

Now and again I knock on my angel's door, asking them for insights, a touch of wisdom, How do you attributes of myself I can not see? words that run through my mind exist my mouth How do you not let life wear you down? questions I ponder so much on as I observe his… Continue reading Now and again…

Jute Sack

Chapter 1

I was four months old when I lost my dad, too young to care about any other face that was not my mom's. Blissful, blissfully, bliss, words I love using. They mimic the childhood I wished for, even when I was just a child. For as long as I can remember, I put on a… Continue reading Chapter 1

Jute Sack


I don't want to start by telling you "my life hasn't been easy", so let's kick this off this way: Picture this, a small frail puppy with the courage of a lion, barely teething clinging on to the hope of playing outside but its always raining. The puppy is me and as for the rain,… Continue reading Intro



Sometimes she let's herself freeze as a reminder that life is worth living, Unable to anticipate tomorrow as always been a trigger, The thought of willingly diving into the unknown that's called life... Sometimes she allows herself to feel, ticking a box of the human trait called emotions Unbothered by the labels bond to be… Continue reading Sometimes



She spends most of her time behind close doors, accessing wrestling with her inner being, She spends most of her time, in a safe zone as the world is the reason she is scarred, Scars she wears proudly when approached, scars she is not afraid of displaying when given the opportunity, See, sometimes these scars… Continue reading Wounds



Surreal, are the thoughts that pass my mind,  Strange, are the feelings that arise,  In her wildest dreams, she sought to be a princess like no other, In her reality, she hoped he would treat her just a little above average   Unshaken, he dishes out a cup larger than what she thought she was… Continue reading Shaken