His pain

Afraid to show weakness, he tightened his fist, Afraid of not being shown respect, he bottled up his tears, What's wrong? Probing questions he isn't accustomed to provide a response to, See, he was raised in a world where bliss was his display task, Unable to give a voice to his thoughts, he raises his… Continue reading His pain



Indulged in pain, she has to watch over her, Swallowed up by emotions, she has to monitor hers, See, she has always been her guardian, carefully evaluating, assessing her stature preventing another relapse. Unsure of what to do, she carefully observes, Afraid of getting too close, she selectively detaches all emotions from her soul, See,… Continue reading Her


Letter to my Father

I hear them speak about you, of what a great father you were, I wish I had my own memories to share, I hear them speak about you, of what a great mentor you were, I wish you lived for me to be coached by you, I hear them speak about you, of the great… Continue reading Letter to my Father



Somethings don't make sense, Somethings are not meant to be questioned, Somethings don't have answers, For a wondering mind like hers, that's not good enough. At times you shouldn't question things, At times you should learn to accept things as they are, At times you just have to follow the rules, For her unique soul,… Continue reading Questions


Subconsciously battling

Waken something triggered her subconscious, Unable to comprehend it, she shoved it deep within continuing about her day, Asleep, her subconscious wrestled something she though she was at peace with, Unable to recall all its events, she hoped everything would resolve itself. She's never been good at apprehending him before his wrath unleashed, See, she… Continue reading Subconsciously battling

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


The seasons were changing in her part of the world, one of the exciting highlights of her teenage life. She was looking forward to colder winds and cloudy skies, they were the best when it came to dream creations. In her mind, she painted an image of her & J's future together, the travels and… Continue reading Reality


The wait

Wait, they said So she did, before she realised it, she had thrown her dreams and aspirations out the window See, she was never programmed to pursue her own "happily ever after", instead she left that responsibility to her better half What will he think of you, was what was often said So she adjusted… Continue reading The wait

Beautiful Nation - short story

The aftermath

1993, the Zulu household’s arrival of a healthy strong boy. Janet had never seen her husband so excited, continuously staring at his son’s little self from his first smile to him learning to hold his posture in the bucket sitting training. Kaya’s presence was a glimpse of hope she lusted for in the hope to… Continue reading The aftermath



She spends most of her time behind close doors, accessing wrestling with her inner being, She spends most of her time, in a safe zone as the world is the reason she is scarred, Scars she wears proudly when approached, scars she is not afraid of displaying when given the opportunity, See, sometimes these scars… Continue reading Wounds



Being cold is the worst, regardless of how warm you keep your mind allows the breeze freeze your happy thoughts She never liked the cold, the rain, the very odd summer days The dark shades of the sun, its inability to shake living being's growth spurts The cold is the worse, a reminder of the… Continue reading Cold