Her Logic


They say it is part of our nature, the foundation of what makes us human, what makes us relate to one another. We all have questions; why am I, what could have I, how could you... Questions we may never get answers to and those who do, boy aren't you lucky. A million questions fill… Continue reading Questioning



Heart worn on sleeve, trigger warnings given before she speaks, yet you victimize her making her feel like she was ill. Can you not see the strength it took to love you when her world is falling apart, To support and come to your aid with the little strength she harbored in her heart. She… Continue reading Bail

Jute Sack

Chapter 3

Growing up wasn't all rosie for me. I faced my own share of self-inflicted and circumstantial hurdles. As a child, I often dreamt of a life a lot simpler and easier. A life where no one would know pain or question their worth, I soon realized that such a life is just a fantasy. I've… Continue reading Chapter 3

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


Teenage Safi reached the peak of her teen years, high school graduation around the corner. As excited as she was, she knew that this may mean that she and J would have to part ways. In her "happily ever after" ideology, J and her had to make it work, after all they had something cute… Continue reading Truth



Rolling warm water droplets upon thy's face, That's what happens when one forgets to breathe Aching shell, the manifestation of thy's inner turmoils I hate the cold, reminder of one's fragile nature Longing for salvation, the catalyst of hope, Tormented by thy's thoughts, with the hindrance in expression, one silently looks to the sky, As… Continue reading Longing


She [GBV]

She was always referred to as someone's sister,Her parents' daughter,Her brother's keeper,And yet always wondering who would keep her... Watch your back young sister, your brother is here, go back to your cell, maybe if you wear a long enough dress he won't lay a finger on you, don't forget to cover your ankles and… Continue reading She [GBV]


To my virtual community

Hey, For today I thought I would share something different, this is for all of you followers/subscribers and anyone reading this right now: Often I ponder on my purpose on this earth, Wondering if there is a meaning behind my birth, As I move with intent to be better, to create content with a meaning,… Continue reading To my virtual community


Now and again…

Now and again I knock on my angel's door, asking them for insights, a touch of wisdom, How do you attributes of myself I can not see? words that run through my mind exist my mouth How do you not let life wear you down? questions I ponder so much on as I observe his… Continue reading Now and again…



Awaking, a natural response to the satisfaction from slumber Motion, the conscious act enabling one to carry out tasks Some days will be darker than others, while others full of joyful bliss but one has to make a choice... Being okay, an underrated, under valued association Strength, the inner catalyst present in us all What… Continue reading Live



No one prepares us for that; the absence No rules, no guidelines; the void Deflection, his best tool Optimism, his driving force No one prepares you for that; the pain No books, no memiore; the heartache Strength, the brave face he bares Tears, the foreign figure slowly creeping up, descending on his cheeks No one… Continue reading Departure