The wait

Wait, they said So she did, before she realised it, she had thrown her dreams and aspirations out the window See, she was never programmed to pursue her own "happily ever after", instead she left that responsibility to her better half What will he think of you, was what was often said So she adjusted… Continue reading The wait


The phrase

"You don't need me", were the words that shrivelled out of his mouth A phrase containing more meaning than the four words it contains His expression came from a place of pain, Pain so vivid, we could not escape the urge to share the burden of his heart His expression came from a place of… Continue reading The phrase

Let's talk

Education: Preparation for marriage

In a typical African household, boys are told not to cry while girls stay by their mother’s side learning everything from cooking and cleaning to looking after children. In this generation, gender equality and gender education have become a sensitive topic, with many still believing that it is a must for a woman to know… Continue reading Education: Preparation for marriage



I woke up this morning, realizing that the shield I had created for myself & I became one. I woke up this morning, to find myself confused by the ideology of my younger self's views on relationships. So fixated on wanting to build me and do me first, I've lost the ability to communicate with… Continue reading Feminist