Took some time away to assess my growth and health. Dealing with ghosts in your closet seems to be an endless race, but just as I'm ready to give up, a strenght emerges from within. So I'm back, to share my stories, hoping to aspire those similar to me not to give up and believe...… Continue reading Winter

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


A lesson she would never learn; not relying on another to be her sunshine. They say we once use to be angels before we got placed in our mothers wombs. Never had they explained that our angelic nature would become like that of a dog with rabies. A lesson she would never learn; allow herself… Continue reading Lesson


Him (part 2)

He who use to over power her, holding her wrist whispering words in her ears. He who use to make her shed tear, lock herself listening to his voice every evening unable to sleep. He who hates to see her smile, pulling her away from what she once loved. He who is the worse thing… Continue reading Him (part 2)



I just want to leave this dreadful hole, feeling trapped about to blow.  My world is caving is, the walls so heavy pressing against my chest, gasping for air, tears escape my eyes.  Weakness they call it, sadness I call it, strength he calls it. The weak being that I am, breaking down all over… Continue reading Thoughts…



He knocked on her door, his footsteps she heard from a mile away, afraid she hid in her room.  Knowing that he would come back to hurt her, she shivers as she seems his shadow slowing creepy beneath the door.  Its never been easy dealing with him, just when you think you were done for… Continue reading Him…


Inner scars

"Will it ever get better?"  The question she thought she had found the answer to. Her dark world was clearling up, the sun was finally piercing through her stormy sky. A random day when joyed filled her heart, the wind came back to knock her down.  Alone she stood, trying to keep her feet steady,… Continue reading Inner scars


How to get out of the sink hole of depression…

Many say depression is a state of mind that people create for themselves, having being there myself, i would disagree. Depression according to me, is a sink hole that one ends up getting into because of certain things that happens in his/her life. For me, it was caused by a build up of emotions that… Continue reading How to get out of the sink hole of depression…


I’m just struggling to be…

Independent, I want to be... Struggling to feel the ground below me, I am... I want to be able to spoil my mom, give back to my family for all they have done for me but the tunnel is yet too dark. You know, sometimes you try to remain positive then the fear of not… Continue reading I’m just struggling to be…


The torture of sinking 

"I don't want to wake up, can you let me sleep please" "Can't you see I'm not ok? Why can you not see, why do you not hear my cries?" "Help me"   Are the phrases a sinking soul cries out behind her solid, painless face. Behind this concrete wall, she feels her world is… Continue reading The torture of sinking