Her Logic

A while

For the longest time I've shied away from feeling, for each time I do I just get so sad and confused. You know, we often speak about community; not having to go through things on your own, but why do I feel like I'm doing all this on my own. Day by day, weeks by… Continue reading A while



Thought she was fine, blissfully going about her day, Thought she was getting better, unconsciously smiling from ear to ear, Thought it was all over, able to resume as if nothing happened, All it took was a little disappointment, one bestowed on by her intellect reminding her that she can do better, All it took… Continue reading Enough


Voices, hear, listen

Feel: you need to allow yourself to Tears: just be kind to yourself Hope: remember the lessons in the journey Appreciate: have you forgotten how far you have come Strength: you are not alone Think: we've got this Love: I will always be here for you Fear: hey, let me show you how to make… Continue reading Voices, hear, listen


Silence night

Listen, she said, do you hear that? Silence, that's how calm my life is... Little fragile bird has found her peace, something she thought was merely impossible. Little bird had wondered an eternity about events in her life that clipped her wings Birdy needed a sense of reassurance, a place to crash, a structure to… Continue reading Silence night



I haven't been feeling lately, Getting used to the inability to feel pain both frighten yet excite me. I haven't allowed myself to be consumed recently, I made a pledge to my being to work on getting better, to create a new me. That's why I've stayed away from the world, Afraid to share a… Continue reading Truth


Do what extent am I supposed to be?

I often ask myself this question when my world comes crumbling down, which in my "perfect world" it is always. Miss judged and understood by everyone around me, I ask myself if I really want to be understood. Putting these thoughts on paper stimulate tears to run down my face, being the burden I feared… Continue reading Do what extent am I supposed to be?



They say not to be afraid, They say to be strong and brave, As if that's all it truly takes for one to be ok once more. They say that I would not make it, They said I was living and breathing self inflicted pain, Little did I fully comprehend the evil they were tryna… Continue reading Rise


Inner monologue

Stop being so weak, she tells herself, I can't keep getting hurt at the hands of my "love ones", I keep screaming with no response, from anyone Tired of breaking down, she is, It's forever the same story; I am not Ok, I feel like I don't belong, I feel confused and lost When does… Continue reading Inner monologue


I’ll be ok

Out here tryna make it, but you keep clipping my wings, Out here tryna make it, but you keep on shutting down my dreams, I know struggle, I know pain, wondering if this is not hate. See, in the past few years I have tried to understand you, Studied your reasons of actions and being.… Continue reading I’ll be ok



My mind races again, thoughts of unhappiness crawl back in For some odd reason i feel so alone, rejected by those closest to me...   Today I do not have rhyming couplets, no sense of rhythm within me, just words needed to be expressed. I felt like throwing in the towel today, not because of… Continue reading Race