Her Logic

A while

For the longest time I've shied away from feeling, for each time I do I just get so sad and confused. You know, we often speak about community; not having to go through things on your own, but why do I feel like I'm doing all this on my own. Day by day, weeks by… Continue reading A while


I Am Black…

I am blackWith skin so brownA reflection of the fertile grounds That piece together my anatomyWhat you find in meIs nothing less than indefinite perfection... I am beautiful,With a heart so pureA reincarnation of divinity,God within I, An antidote in poison,A rose with its thorns,Pieced together in perfect imperfection... I am worthy,I deserve happiness and… Continue reading I Am Black…


The You you hide…

I love the you you hide...Behind your smile, your makeup, and your lies. I love the smoothness of your cheeks upon which the tide of tears is so accustomed to swiftly falling . I love your sauciness ,the way you lure me without even trying , I love your imperfections, they make you perfect in… Continue reading The You you hide…


African Love Story

Love, so simple in all its complexity, Or made complex in its simplicity as we dare not give up pride in fear of rejection, but if we never take the risk, will we ever be able to truly love?


Subconsciously battling

Waken something triggered her subconscious, Unable to comprehend it, she shoved it deep within continuing about her day, Asleep, her subconscious wrestled something she though she was at peace with, Unable to recall all its events, she hoped everything would resolve itself. She's never been good at apprehending him before his wrath unleashed, See, she… Continue reading Subconsciously battling



"Torn between two countries to which I can not fully claim to be from, my sense of belonging roots itself on my person than a geographical location or a people. Like most diaspora, I have to learn to look beyond origins and documentations to forge my own identity, to be me." - Being from two… Continue reading Residence