These are the words of a sinner, one talking from experience and if not for grace, would be six feet under on the freeway to hell;So take heed...The concealing of sin only leads to downfall, Fortunately for me,God's light shines even in the abyss... Secrecy is fertile ground for sin.In the darkness, away from the… Continue reading Transparent


Humans with no humanity…

Smile...Tell that to the young Somalian with no food to eat, no water to drink , only bones left as the world looks at them as worthless toothpicks, to the soldier who risks his life for less than a penny, fights for peace, yes, that is ironic. Smile...Tell that to the hooker at your street… Continue reading Humans with no humanity…



Getting closer to spreading her wings, she has hope again. The world hasn't entirely been fair, expecting her to compete yet sets rules that automatically disqualifies her. They say "good things come to those who wait", but how long will she have to wait before reaching her big break. They say, "if you want something… Continue reading Propel



Like a milkshake, shaken into perfection, A simple drink with its main component being milk, unveiling its refreshing sweet taste. I want to be like this drink; full of potential yet unknown, bringing a new flavour to this world like never before. Do I want to be love by millions? Perhaps a question with no… Continue reading Milkshake



As part of growing up, certain adjustments have to be made. This is a little passage for all those who are entering a new phase of the world, becoming "Adults"

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

Her break: part 2

Puzzled by the world, a new door opens itself, allowing her to revive the words " I care". This boy so naive claiming that infatuation is not what drives, that they are the perfect pair. Only a few have crossed her path, less vocal than he, yet better at displaying their feelings. Display seems not… Continue reading Her break: part 2



I knows I have been a bit MIA. Been hectic traveling and putting things in place. Despite all this hurdles life brings, I've been able to accept this course and embrace its pace. So here it goes; Waking up with the wind blowing through her window, reminding her that she is alive and lives. This… Continue reading Revived



No one ever tells you that you might just fall out of love, That the butterflies you once felt will suddenly fade, leaving a blank space. No one ever tells you how hard it will be, To keep smiling when he upsets you and forgets about you. No one ever tells you that... Is it… Continue reading Indefinite



I look outside the window, the breeze blowing through the trees, gentle as a water droplets on a leave. If only the world was so simple, I can't help but wonder. What would it feel like to be those trees, soothed by the breezes whisper. In my perfect world, people can read my mind. See… Continue reading Eyes


Wanting to escape

Some of us are just misunderstood; everything we do is taken as a rebellion against rules and regulations. As a young adult with so many "perfect" beings to look at up, this world can be a stressful place trying to find your ground to stand on. I often hear stories of rebellions young adult and… Continue reading Wanting to escape