She spends most of her time behind close doors, accessing wrestling with her inner being, She spends most of her time, in a safe zone as the world is the reason she is scarred, Scars she wears proudly when approached, scars she is not afraid of displaying when given the opportunity, See, sometimes these scars… Continue reading Wounds



She chose to trust, something so natural turned into a hustle She chose to hush, not to make you feel uncomfortable, not to make a fuss You are so comfortable forgetting the part you played shaping her insecurities You are so comfortable, pretending to live your truth, yes because you chose to drop her like… Continue reading Thief



Surreal, are the thoughts that pass my mind,  Strange, are the feelings that arise,  In her wildest dreams, she sought to be a princess like no other, In her reality, she hoped he would treat her just a little above average   Unshaken, he dishes out a cup larger than what she thought she was… Continue reading Shaken



Winter had become her favorite time of the year; the cold, the paleness of skin She often liked the early spring; the rain, the hope of sunshine it brought Like her life, she understood that seasons have to change; the brutal winds to harsh sun, it's the way the world just is, Like her life,… Continue reading Cycle



I wonder if I will ever meet you My half man and half warrior creature, Descendant of angels, son of God I wonder if I will know it's you As you creep into the hidden corners of my heart even I never knew I wonder if I will ever be able to love you Provide… Continue reading Wonder


What if I choose to stay

Does my presence guarantee your happiness and success Does me being here make us stronger even when I'm still tormented by my demons Have you ever asked yourself What if leaving is the best option What if not being here makes the both of us stronger and equipped for our sister souls yet to come… Continue reading What if I choose to stay



Bliss, is happiness bliss Is its presence supernatural beyond mankind's imagination Beyond what can be heard and seen, buried deep within our soul awaiting to be released Bliss, is the smile on an infant's face an uncontrollable reflex or an expression of a perfect state of peace, So perfect that our adult mind interprets it… Continue reading Bliss



I haven't been feeling lately, Getting used to the inability to feel pain both frighten yet excite me. I haven't allowed myself to be consumed recently, I made a pledge to my being to work on getting better, to create a new me. That's why I've stayed away from the world, Afraid to share a… Continue reading Truth

Beautiful Nation - short story

May, 30th

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, in the clear skies of the South African winter, May 30th, 1993, when she felt it run down her leg, her long-awaited baby boy had finally decided that he was ready to see the world. She rushed to the bathroom, signaling her mother, "call the ambulance mom, its time". A… Continue reading May, 30th