She chose to trust, something so natural turned into a hustle She chose to hush, not to make you feel uncomfortable, not to make a fuss You are so comfortable forgetting the part you played shaping her insecurities You are so comfortable, pretending to live your truth, yes because you chose to drop her like… Continue reading Thief



Bliss, is happiness bliss Is its presence supernatural beyond mankind's imagination Beyond what can be heard and seen, buried deep within our soul awaiting to be released Bliss, is the smile on an infant's face an uncontrollable reflex or an expression of a perfect state of peace, So perfect that our adult mind interprets it… Continue reading Bliss



I haven't been feeling lately, Getting used to the inability to feel pain both frighten yet excite me. I haven't allowed myself to be consumed recently, I made a pledge to my being to work on getting better, to create a new me. That's why I've stayed away from the world, Afraid to share a… Continue reading Truth

Beautiful Nation - short story

May, 30th

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, in the clear skies of the South African winter, May 30th, 1993, when she felt it run down her leg, her long-awaited baby boy had finally decided that he was ready to see the world. She rushed to the bathroom, signaling her mother, "call the ambulance mom, its time". A… Continue reading May, 30th