Common chain of thought; okay smile don't let them worry, when asked say "I'll be fine" Mask your inability to write, something you once found pleasure in. Hide your new developed sense of hopeless, remember don't make them worry... Keep it to yourself, no one wants to deal with expressions of emotional distress. The world… Continue reading Avoidance


Burst of emotions

Looking for an escape I've decided to change, neglecting what I enjoyed most Running away from expressing my emotions how I was accustomed to in the name of "growth" The realization has finally set; I don't want my old habits to die, atleast not the good ones... Looking for a way out, I've allowed more… Continue reading Burst of emotions



Hanging in the balance, seeking an emotion any besides sorrow, Hanging in a limbo, recalling memories that shouldn't have been, Hanging by a thin thread, hope pain love bliss, hanged to the ceiling lifeless, Somethings come easy, a smile a grin, a mere facial muscle spasm, Other things arrive with T's & C's, racing mind… Continue reading Limbo



What does it mean to live? How can we know if we are living or just alive? Questions that often cross my mind: the meaning behind one's existence. Is the act of breathing enough? Do I have to have a reason & motivation behind my actions? Questions that puzzle my mind: will we ever reach… Continue reading Vie



Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not lean your own understanding Proverbs 3:5 ESV The mind seeks to comprehend the mysteries of this world, The heart, to find comfort, a pillar of strength to rest on. I have heard about You all my life, from my mother's womb, supplications of protection and… Continue reading YAH

Let's talk

The standard of beauty

Story Time: Growing up, I never liked the way i looked. Felt very insecure about almost everything, from my broad forehead to my finger nails. I felt like a little ugly duckling most of the time. My insecurities were mostly rooted from what I heard and saw around me. In pre-school, a boy not too… Continue reading The standard of beauty



You have so much to say, so much knowledge to pass on You have so much to give, so much love to transmit Then why is you growth altered by views you can't identify with Views that stunt your growth, your ability to endure and overcome Oh young soul, the date on the calendar on… Continue reading Preach



Wanted to hear what was on her mind, Fled so far once she started opening up, Wanted to get to know the real her, Spoke of annoyance when she spoke her heart, Wanted to find out what made her tick, Disappeared when she mentioned her history Unable to trust anymore, left her clinging on to… Continue reading Wanted



She looks him in the eyes to find the gate to his soul She looks right at him, filtering through his motions seeking his emotions She looks and wonders is he genuine? A question many of us ask ourselves when meeting a him Afraid to fall into the trap of lack of mutual understanding We… Continue reading Intentions



I wonder if I will ever meet you My half man and half warrior creature, Descendant of angels, son of God I wonder if I will know it's you As you creep into the hidden corners of my heart even I never knew I wonder if I will ever be able to love you Provide… Continue reading Wonder