Going through the motions, clickers reaching the top, senses heightened then... the disconnect What just happened? A constant thought in her mind See, she's use to this, emotions her theme park, the showstopper - the connection ride Unplugging her best trait, the skill she has mastered over these years. Pretence, her playground, the ability to… Continue reading Rollercoaster



Sitting on her bed staring at the sky, conjuring up hope to keep it together Sitting on the bed looking up to ABBA, longing for a pat on the back Can you hear me, my deepest thoughts, she wonders, can you tell what's working me up ... The soothing sound of the wind, the gentle… Continue reading Soothing

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Relationships: the unspoken rule

Should I call? Can I call? What should I say or not say? We've all been through this, yet there is so much we do and do not know. The infamous "dating rules", but what are they really and do they define the longevity and strength of our relationship? According to a study conducted by… Continue reading Relationships: the unspoken rule



What does it mean to live? How can we know if we are living or just alive? Questions that often cross my mind: the meaning behind one's existence. Is the act of breathing enough? Do I have to have a reason & motivation behind my actions? Questions that puzzle my mind: will we ever reach… Continue reading Vie



Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not lean your own understanding Proverbs 3:5 ESV The mind seeks to comprehend the mysteries of this world, The heart, to find comfort, a pillar of strength to rest on. I have heard about You all my life, from my mother's womb, supplications of protection and… Continue reading YAH

Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


Teenage Safi reached the peak of her teen years, high school graduation around the corner. As excited as she was, she knew that this may mean that she and J would have to part ways. In her "happily ever after" ideology, J and her had to make it work, after all they had something cute… Continue reading Truth



Okay, I'm crying again. Reason? Unknown Stuck in a limbo, I find myself rekindling unrealistic fears that threaten my livelihood. What is happening to me? A question that never ceases to pass my mind. That's the thing about irrational thought; patterns of thinking that are illogical, distort reality and prevent you from reaching your goals, they do just… Continue reading Limbo

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The standard of beauty

Story Time: Growing up, I never liked the way i looked. Felt very insecure about almost everything, from my broad forehead to my finger nails. I felt like a little ugly duckling most of the time. My insecurities were mostly rooted from what I heard and saw around me. In pre-school, a boy not too… Continue reading The standard of beauty



ABBA, Good news was received, ABBA, good things are said to come forth, so why is my chest aching I'm perplexed, unable to fathom what all this means, I'm perplexed, in fear of letting go I'm perplexed, dwelling in the pond formed by the liquid in my eyes ABBA, good news was recieved today, So… Continue reading Perplexed



Tempted to say don't do that, yet knowing the intent was pure holds me back, Tempted to say I'm not okay, yet the love to keep one happy and sane disables me from speaking out. Often carefully selecting my choice of words to give a voice to my troubled mind, I remain silent. ... Everything… Continue reading Triggered