Take off your mask,
Let the sun shine on your face.

Let my eyes meet your gaze.
Days have gone by and I’m hoping this isn’t just a phase and that after a few years I won’t be forced to erase memories of moments spent together and now fading away like smoke on ashtrays, cigarette and mouth parting ways as we catch our last breaths, as eyes are set ablaze, bloodshot by heartbreak but camouflaged by rising smoke, remains of our laughter, smiles, remains of our love, hands dirtied by the soil beneath which parts of the same heart become strays, buried, eaten up as love decays…

Let us go deeper,

Walk me through unexplored portions of your mind, let this journey remind me of why my unkind heart suddenly felt inclined to yours, like an artist’s paintbrush to a canvas and a poet’s pen to paper, heartbeats in sync drawing musical notes for the blind to sing and the troubled souls of wealthy kings to sit on chairs reclined so far back that their anxious thoughts resign…

Walk me further,

Along the vocal chords or rather vocal chains that imprisoned words unsaid or turned thoughts into mortal remains, lead me through the veins that carry secrets anchored in your roots, like where are you from and what’s your family like, take me beneath the surface, show me what your heart contains, walk me beyond the planes, show me what explains the truths of your existence and unveil what your being so passionately retains…

Reveal yourself to me,

I don’t want to stop at the flowers, show me your roots, then go further and show me your genetic makeup, what lies underneath that foundation and mascara, what makes up your inner self, what causes your buds and shoots, what causes your seeds to parachute down into the hearts of many men luring them to you, but all they’re trying to do is take snapshots and focus on the surface like photoshoots, they’ll leave when the picture isn’t perfect or the colour fades because they fell in love with the flowers and not with the roots, so when autumn comes, they will dance their way out like falling leaves…

Take your mask off,
Let us go deeper,
Walk me further,
Reveal yourself to me…

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