This be him - unfiltered chats


At this point your name is irrelevant, I spent the last hour or so writing something super poetic to you, it even had rhyming couplets you know, just the way I did it on here then *BOOM It was only just a dream😖 (sing like Nelly sings it).

You can imagine the look on my face like what? So I’m on here, on my blog writing all this because that felt like some real movie ish ish.

Anyways… I hope you are well though, wherever you are that is 😊. Oh and I hope you are taking your vitamins you are too old to act like a teen with overactive growth hormones. See your friend’s receding hairline? Ya that will be you too… and soon – Don’t give me that look, you know exactly what I mean. Anyways, your woman, coz I ain’t no girl, has been working on some magic growth serum, I got you boo 🥰 so you better find me & fast… LOL.

Peace out, yours truly…

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