Black love

I know it has been a while. Currently struggling to get myself to write, so I’ll share something I wrote a while back. Hope you like it…

Held in his arms, her safe haven. The dynamics of their union, written in pen as a Ying & Yang – opposing forces that work together.

Behind close doors he softens up, shows her his heart: soft hymms, gentle forehead kisses, preparing meals, attending to her every desires.

He isn’t just her king, he is equal indulging all aspects that make them whole as one.

In her eyes, his strength isn’t equated to how big and tall he stands, nor by how deep and stern his speech is. In her eyes his strength lies in his soul; untamed, not conforming & redefining what it means to a strong black man mentally, spiritually & physically.

Outside his role as a lover, father, pillar of strength, he is a soul striving to connect to its source – a man…

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