To you

With each day that passes, my longing grows.

My favorite part of thinking about you are the uncontrollable grins God & my close friends see when I speak about you.

I wish you knew how intentional I have become about your well-being and success, I pray for you.

They go something along these lines:

Who ever you are, where ever you are, I hope that you are happy & thriving. I hope that you are always smiling, that your confidence never takes a knock, that you get the respect & recognition you deserve…

Is it weird that I’ve reached the point where I genuinely want to best for you even if our paths never cross? That my desire for your success is solely based on your happiness – coz I want you to be the happiest you can possibly be.

I’m not worried as to when you will find me though, it is destined so it shall happen. In the meantime, keep doing your thing; show the world what you’ve got coz I know you are awesome.

Your dearest: your destined life – mate

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